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Special Projects

In addition to delivering Edinburgh’s annual Science Festival and a variety of education programmes in Scotland, we regularly take on additional special projects across the UK and internationally.

When working on these projects, we bring extensive expertise in creating and delivering interactive and entertaining educational experiences and provide content that is engaging and inspirational. We can also support partners with programme curation and event logistics and production, as well as providing Science Communication and event specific training for local staff.

Further information on some of the projects we have worked on is listed below – click on the titles on the left to find out more about each project.

Cyber Quest, UAE

The Cyber Quest festival is organised by National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) in Abu Dhabi to coincide with the culmination of the annual Cyber Quest competition, which brings together young minds from across the country to compete on a series of cyber security challenges. We delivered the workshop programme for the first time at the 2016 event, including two activities specially developed for the event by the Edinburgh Sciencel team. We were onsite to see over 1,500 visitors aged 12–18.

For Cyber Quest 2018 we delivered a Capture the Flag competition in addition to workshops that we have previously produced. We created a four-day cyber security training course that took place across five different cities in UAE and produced an online portal for training, skills development and discussion. The Capture the Flag event was a sophisticated hacking competition testing the next generation of cyber security professionals. Our staff were on-site to support production teams and to guide pupils and university students through the event.