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Special Projects

In addition to delivering Edinburgh’s annual Science Festival and a variety of education programmes in Scotland, we regularly take on additional special projects across the UK and internationally.

When working on these projects, we bring extensive expertise in creating and delivering interactive and entertaining educational experiences and provide content that is engaging and inspirational. We can also support partners with programme curation and event logistics and production, as well as providing Science Communication and event specific training for local staff.

Further information on some of the projects we have worked on is listed below – click on the titles on the left to find out more about each project.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Edinburgh Science has been the Major Programme Partner for the Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF) since the inaugural event in 2011. Organised annually by the Abu Dhabi Education Committee, ADSF is the gulf region’s largest science festival and has been attended by over 600,000 visitors since its inception.

As Programme Partner we help to curate, produce and deliver the event. This includes supplying workshops and activities developed and adapted for local audiences by our team, as well as bringing together a selection of the best events from around the world. We also manage the logistics around the design, purchasing and shipping of content for Festival activities and support the local team onsite throughout the install process. Each year activities at ADSF are delivered by a large team of Science Communicators made up of students recruited from local universities. All of them complete a training programme designed and delivered by Edinburgh Science, to enable them to excite, engage and inspire the next generation of scientists.