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Our Impact

Edinburgh Science Festival

Every April, we run the educational, inspiring and fun Edinburgh Science Festival, packed full of amazing science activities, experiences, talks and exhibitions, for children and grown-ups.

Science impacts us in every way and every day. It is everywhere and as an adult you forget that because we are all so wrapped up in our own bubble. These events are a great reminder that we all have a responsibility to ensure the Earth is well looked after.

– Visitor, 2022

Climate Projects

We deliver a portfolio of climate initiatives for businesses, to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Edinburgh Science has taken an extraordinary amount of initiative to use its position as an independent, not-for-profit and well-respected Scottish institution to rouse engagement on climate solutions.

– Round table attendee, 2021

Learning Projects

We have over 30 years' experience in delivering science education activities and since we started we've reached almost a million pupils. Generation Science brings unique and inspiring science lessons directly to classrooms all over Scotland with a programme of highly interactive shows and hands-on workshops, and Careers Hive an immersive careers education event designed to give students in S1–S3 a new way to think about their futures. 

This was an excellent lesson in a box, with plenty of opportunity for follow-up work. It fitted very well into our current science learning and the kids loved the hands-on element. 

– Teacher, 2022

Community Projects

We work with community partners to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and engage with our work.

What we are trying to do is empower families to take control and fit in the experiences. Some families have never done anything like this before. It’s a big boost to their self-esteem and confidence. 

– One Parent Families Scotland, 2022