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Nanjing Tech Week Success

Posted: 31 July 2020

Innovation Makes Better Cities: Understanding Urban Innovation

As part of our worldwide science engagement activities, Edinburgh Science took part in the 2020 Nanjing Tech Week which took place from 22–26 June 2020 in Nanjing, China.

Nanjing Tech Week 2020 was focused on high-quality development, high-value innovation and high-quality life, and staged a variety of inspiring events including a conference, exhibitions and special themed days. In partnership with Science and Innovation Bureau of Gulou District Nanjing and LINMIND Cultural Education Investment Co. Ltd, the 2020 edition of Nanjing Tech Week welcomed thousands of visitors who were able to embrace innovation, new ideas and technology in person and online.  

Through our partnership with this event, we shared content, ideas and inspirational speakers – aimed to inspire, encourage and challenge people of all ages and backgrounds to explore and understand the world around them, and to embrace our shared belief in the value of innovation and international collaboration in helping to ensure sustainable futures and help build a better world.

Edinburgh Science Worldwide provided keynote speakers and short introductory videos of local and national innovators. Brands including Jacobs, Skyrora, SkoogMusic and Robotical joined our Director Simon Gage via video format to engage with and discuss innovation during Nanjing Tech Week. 

And, for the first time outside of the UK, our A Human Touch photography exhibition was also part of this exciting event. Here are some stunning pictures from the event in June alongside some of the glowing reviews this exhibition recieved. 

“This is a really good educational activity for children. It is critical for children to embrace a good sense of environmental protection.”

"The visual impact is incredible."

“This is a great exhibition. I liked 'Ghost Gear’ in particular. I often go to sea arts exhibitions with my child, usually this kind of exhibition is placed in museums. Good to see it is now in a space for everyone to be engaged.”