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Climate | Edinburgh Science Festival 2021

Posted: 04 July 2021 by Edinburgh Science

Climate change is perhaps the defining crisis of our times. These events explore how we interact with our environment, and how we can work towards combating climate change.

Try out AWEN – A Walk Encountering Nature, an experience that combines interactive art, sound, movement and play prompted by global climate data and science. Visit Road to Net Zero: Visions of a Low Carbon Future, our exhibition on The Mound which offers a glimpse of how we may achieve net zero carbon.  

Human Nature is a large-scale outdoor photographic exhibition on Portobello Promenade that explores how we connect to nature as humans. The Regeneration Generation brings together a panel of land and ocean policy experts and environmental communicators to explore what’s needed to be done to reseed biodiversity and rewild the world.

Sacha Dench, otherwise known as the Human Swan, is an extraordinary adventurer who has previous flown by paramotor 7000km from the Russian Arctic to the UK, to highlight the conservation of migratory species. Sacha shares her incredible story and the challenges facing us all in the online event In Conversation with Sacha Dench.


Explore some of our Climate related events:

Amazing Plastic

AWEN – A Walk Encountering Nature

AWEN – A Walk Encountering Nature Discussion

Carbon City: the Board Game

Climate Detectives

Climate Quiz 2021

Creative Cartons

Eco Detective Trail

Edinburgh 2050 – How Will Climate Change Affect Our City?

Ellie Harrison: Early Warning Signs

Growing for a Happy Planet: Summer Festival

Human Nature

In Conversation with Sacha Dench

NatureCast #LiveFromTheWild

Our Biggest Experient: How We Made and Discovered the Climate Crisis

Reconnecting to Nature

Road to COP26

Road to Net Zero: Visions of a Low Carbon Future

The Regeneration Generation

There is STILL No Planet B


Visit our full programme here.