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Cyber Zone

Posted: 13 March 2020

This year, Edinburgh Science Festival have packed all their technical workshops into one immersive Cyber Zone at Pleasance.

Packed with events covering technology, computing, programming and artificial intelligence (AI), Cyber Zone gives everyone the chance to get hacking and code cracking with workshops suitable for children and adults.

You can create your own smartphone app, get to grips with gadgets, learn to make electronic music and much, much more! With activities to suit all ages and abilities, discovering the digital world has never been so cool. There are even adult-only sessions – no kids allowed! Check out some of our highlights below.

Hack your own self-driving car

Give Elon Musk a run for his money and create your own programmable self-driving car! Build your model using a radio-controlled car, a Raspberry Pi and a distance sensor then program the car using Python scripts before letting it loose on the floor.

Enter the multiverse: crafting immersive stories in VR

Great stories are at the heart of science and as technology continues to advance the science storyteller has an ever-increasing wealth of tools at their disposal. Through gamified prototyping, this speculative digital design workshop explores how immersive world building can be used to imagine, prototype and build possible futures, combining science and technology to craft amazing stories in virtual reality. Join artists, filmmakers and digital explorers María Laura Ruggiero and Ana Fraile as they reveal the transformative spirit of spatial narratives and build stories out of pixels.

Interactive digital storytelling

Sometimes we wish for better, bolder endings to our favourite stories but have you ever tried to make one up yourself? In this workshop, you'll discover how to use Twine, a computer programming language, to create an interactive story that changes depending on the decisions the reader makes. Once you're done, you'll be able to share your interactive stories with family and friends. Combining creative writing skills with digital making skills, come along and experiment with technology in a fun and creative environment.

Pst! We also have Interactive Digital Storytelling for Grown Ups

App Factory

Come and create a new app for your Android phone. Discover the principles behind successful software development and put them into practice as you design, code and deploy a smartphone app. You'll be able to install your app on your phone and save the source code so you can keep working after the workshop.

Like the sound of this? – Check out App Factory for Grown Ups

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