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Tickets info

Date & Time
Sat 1 Apr
6pm | 2 hours
Age Restriction
Ages 12+

LateLab | Ages 12+


About the event

In 2014, residents of Fairbourne were watching their local news when they found out they were to be Britain's first climate refugees. Their town was set to be decommissioned and depopulated by 2054. Housing prices dropped overnight, insurance disappeared and life savings were lost in the chaos.

Swell follows the story of two siblings caught in the purgatory of a fictional but analogous town, ready to be abandoned. This evening of captivating live theatre is followed by a discussion and Q&A with Anna Beswick of Sniffer and Swell director Tom Foreman as we explore the changing coastline of the UK  and the future of our climate refugees.

Audio description is by Caroline Jaquet.

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